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Children Take Hotel Mini Trip at Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel

Children enjoy making mini sandwich at Cooking Class, assisted by Suyanto, Executive Sous Chef of Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel.

Children were enthusiast in learning how to operate laundry machines at laundry room of Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel.

Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel takes kindergarten children from TK Ceria, Timoho, for a hotel mini trip on April 17, 2008. Around 50 children were enthusiast to take the tour to see the hotel and its daily activities.


In this opportunity, the children were brought to see their surrounding world from the tourism point of view. Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel takes the children to experiece many kind of professions in a hotel through simple concepts such as the process of cooking and dish washing at the hotel kitchen and also the process in hotel laundry area.


Children also participated in a cooking class which was held at the green, cool, and breezy yard of Taman Langensuko. Assisting the children in this cooking class is Suyanto, Executive Sous Chef of Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel. Children from preschool or early kindergarten were practicing to make mini sandwich while the older ones were learning how to make spring roll.


By getting to know of professional worlds since their early childhood, we expect them to have a clear description of the future and those many professions that could be their options of what they want to do in the future," explains Anita, and educator of TK Ceria.


Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel has been holding such events for many times before. Picking from many themes such as sports, cooking, and hospitality, this event were done for free for the invited children.


"Such activities are one of our forms of awareness and care about the education world, especially early education for children. It is part of the "Yes, I Care!" slogan from Prime Plaza Hotels & Resorts which is implemented in its every property, including Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel," says Adventa Pramushanti, Public Relations Officer of Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel.

Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel is a member of Prime Plaza Hotels & Resorts, a national hotel group with international standards, along with other properties of Bali Dynasty Resort, Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel & Suites, Surabaya Plaza Hotel, Kota Bukit Indah Plaza Hotel, and Prime Inn Hotel @ Kota Bukit Indah.

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