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No Tips Hotel

Exist as the only Non Smoking Hotel in town and well known as the hotel with phenomenal food product ‘Nasi Goreng Jancuk’, now Surabaya Plaza Hotel (SPH) once again make differentiation as No Tips Hotel.

As the No Tips Hotel, SPH doesn’t allow employee to accept tips both money or item as gift. The management of SPH provides charity box to let guest put tips which later will be donated to Foundation for Blind Education (YPAB-Yayasan Pendidikan Anak Buta). Yusak Anshori the General Manager of Surabaya Plaza Hotel says “Guest already pay for service charge included as component of price, therefore doesn’t need to give more tips to hotel staff. Moreover, the management are convinced that by applying No Tips concept all guests will receive enjoyable service. There is no more improper service caused of no tips given, which more often than not occur in most hotels as part of human insincerity”.

Still in the launching session conducted at the Hotel Lobby 11.00 am, Yusak continues  that by applying no tips concept the hotel responds to guests will and also able to do corporate social responsibility program to YPAB.

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