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Amadea Supported Kamasan Classic Style Painting

Bali has a rich artistic heritage and there are several different styles of painting showcasing the island’s Hindu culture and traditional way of life. Kamasan is a ‘wayang’ or puppet style of painting that is unique to the regency of Klungkung. It dates back to the 16th century during the golden era of the Gelgel kingdom whereby artisans served the kings of the royal court. Painting once was Bali’s only pictorial representation and the subject-matter was influenced by the epic tales of the Ramayana and Mahabarata.

These paintings are like picture books that are to be read closely where no part of the canvas is left empty. Kamasan typically features gods, demons, birds, trees and mythical animals. Often the paintings can be several metres long and time is depicted by showing the characters at different stages of the story.  

Unfortunately, Bali’s Kamasan style of painting is under threat as today’s younger generations prefer to adapt their talents to more modern and profitable styles of art. Concerned about this looming cultural loss, Amadea Resort & Villas has taken it upon itself to help preserve this detailed form of local artistry. Under the banner of Amadea Cares, its CSR initiative, Amadea proudly hosted the Kamasan Classic Style Painting Exhibition from 5th to 18th July 2013.

The exhibition showcased the works of 17 year old artist, I Putu Eka Hendra Jaya, in the Lobby Lounge from 9 am to 9 pm daily. The Kamasan style is so intricate that it takes Putu several weeks just to create one piece. As a result, there were only 20 of these works on display. Putu comes from a family of artists and he began to paint at an early age. He is currently a high school student and has won numerous awards for his expertise. Amadea Cares appreciates all guests and visitors who have visited the exhibition and helped us generate a renewed interest in this classic form of Balinese painting.

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